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Have you thought about your story lately?

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What do potential customers think about, what do they feel, what do they experience when they come across your brand? Whether it’s their first impression or a return visit, their takeaway is always a narrative – something that happened, a story.

That’s how we humans are wired. It is part of our biology. We understand, remember and share things as stories. Not data. Not facts. Not even information. Stories.

You may well have a great technology, a world-class product, or a unique service model on your hands. But it is not simply the best proposition that wins in the marketplace. It is the one that is communicated best.

Customers are not primarily interested in facts about your company or product features. They’d rather be taken on a journey – a story in which they are heroes who overcome their challenges. Your opportunity is to tell that story and be the guide who helps them win the day.

Without such a story, your customers will remain uninvolved and confused. With it, they will understand and remember you, gravitate towards the benefits and values you represent, and buy from you – instead of your competitors.

So, have you thought about your story lately?

When I talk about delivering your story, I don’t mean just creating a single tale. I mean delivering your story consistently and repeatedly across all your communication channels and messages.

It involves making strategic choices, practical planning, creativity, consistent execution, learning, and optimisation.

I know. It can feel a bit overwhelming. You don’t need to tackle everything at once. There’s a good chance you already have some of the building blocks in place and that you only need to fill in a few gaps.

For example, you may have a solid brand design and website already, but your customer story and your content strategy are lacking, or you’re struggling to maintain a steady stream of high-quality content.

Shall we have a chat to see where we are?

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