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The visual designer I’d love to work with

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The short version?

If you are a visual (/brand) designer and up for the occasional brand or web design gig while I tinker with content flows and wireframes – or if you know someone who fits the description -, then let’s have a chat!

The slightly longer version:

I help companies to get their story straight. Sometimes that starts with interviewing the founders and literally writing up their story. Sometimes it involves creating a calendar for their content marketing. And sometimes we need to take a step back to figure out their marketing strategy, or even their brand proposition, first.

Quite often, the result is that we optimise their website for lead generation. I help them create a content flow that guides visitors towards a particular Call to Action (CtA), for example to book a demo, talk with an expert, or download an ebook. In practice, that means that I create simple wireframes and copy-write the content.

At that stage, my client may have engaged a design agency already, who may have created the brand design, the design language for the website, and possibly done some front-end work. I’ve had very good experiences working together with agencies as they converted my wireframes and copy into an online experience that is visually appealing.

However, it also happens regularly that clients ask me to help them with the visual front-end design, or even brand design. While I’m quite comfortable with HTML, CSS and WordPress (I develop, host and maintain WP websites), my visual design skills can be a limiting factor. In such cases, I’d love to have a designer by my side to work on a client’s project.

So that’s it: I’m looking for a visual design buddy to work with me on brand and web design, as well as the occasional slide deck and ebook. Ping me!

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