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Who can help us build an inbound / ABM machine?

Crowdsourcing my network again 🙂

I’m working with this tech startup where we need to build out our inbound & account-based marketing and sales practice. I need some strategic as well as tactical support to make that happen.

We have a small WordPress website with a homepage and weekly blog content, as well as a handful of social media accounts. As far as the technology goes, we are somewhat into WordPress and HubSpot, but open to suggestions.

So, what I’m looking for is someone (or some-two) who can co-create an operational as well as a technological roadmap with us to get from our current state to a lead generating, lead nurturing, and customer delighting inbound / account-based marketing and sales machine. And support in carrying it out.

In summary:

  • Which digital marketing and sales operations to develop, in what order, and in the most effective and affordable way.
  • Which marketing and sales technology to deploy.
  • How to develop our internal process accordingly.
  • Which parts of tech development and support to outsource and to whom.
  • Which parts of content creation to seek help with and from whom.
  • How to seek regular soundboarding on strategy development, data-driven tactical improvements, and growth hacking.

If this sounds interesting, please reach back to me by email at <> or via LinkedIn at