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Water, transparency and getting things done

My thoughts when reading Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne’s blog post about his morning routine. It’s always evolving and sleep, mindfulness, exercise, and water are paramount. But what’s the hurry with that water? What tools does Joel prefer for Getting Things Done (GTD)? And how to make a strong case for transparency?

Dear Joel,

For years I’ve been a fan of your work. Not just of Buffer itself, which is a fantastic product, but especially of the way you’ve gone about building your venture.

Doing a post about your morning routine is a smart piece of content marketing, connecting with the lifestyles of people using Buffer – and people who might consider using Buffer – on a very personal level.

I work remote a lot so, like yours, my morning routine is also continuously evolving. And so are my day, week and month routines, for that matter.

A few things I thought about when reading your post:

I very much identify with your point about synchronizing back into the routine when you’ve fallen behind. Reducing tasks from 30 minutes down to 10 to be able to check all the boxes has many times saved me from giving up altogether. (I actually have to do this today as well, as I’m spending more time than anticipated reading and responding to your post 🙂 ). It’s a good mental hack. Great advice!

I get the sleep and exercise bit, but what’s with the water? Or, to be more precise, why the hurry? I have ‘drink water’ in my GTD (Getting Things Done) app several times a day, but is there a compelling reason to drink half a liter immediately after waking up?

Another thing I’ve noticed is that every time you express yourself online, you seem to make it a point to mention transparency. It’s clearly an important property of your and Buffer’s brand. I’d like to better understand the power of the kind of transparency that you promote. I think that, intuitively, people sympathize and connect, but I’d be very interested in supporting arguments and data. Since I help brands with their online marketing, I’d like to be able to make a more compelling argument for transparency than, “people sympathize”.

I’m getting the impression that you use a GTD app as well and I’m curious to learn which one or, perhaps, what combination of tools you prefer. I use several tools for capturing, organizing, planning and time management. For a while now, the one that’s always within my reach has been Nozbe.

Keep it up Joel and good luck!