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The Allbound Way

Owned, Earned and Paid media attention strategies reinforcing each other to improve your online customer acquisition and retention.

The Allbound Way connects conversion optimisation with the trinity of media attention strategies.

First we look at your brand and product or service positioning, so that we can build or improve the digital paths through which people in your target audience find you, identify themselves as leads, and become paying customers.

Once your webshop or website and possibly other digital channels have the capability to convert visitors into leads and customers, we then develop a marketing calendar so that you will know exactly what content to create and publish, when, and where.

For maximum impact, this calendar is informed by the trinity of Owned, Earned and Paid media attention strategies.

Owned media are the channels that you own and control. We’ll use an inbound content methodology to attract, convert, and delight customers.

Earned media are channels that refer and link to you, giving you visibility and traffic. We reach these media by building relationships with influencers in your industry and among your audience.

Paid media are the channels through which you can advertise. Whether display, search engine, or social media ads, it is important that your paid media campaigns are aligned with your owned and earned media efforts.

What you get from Cluetail

What you get from Cluetail is a clear and proven method with expert guidance to not only create an online presence that grows your business, but also to create content across owned, earned and paid media that attracts, converts and delights your audience.

If you aspire to grow your business through digital marketing & sales, we should probably have a chat. Call me at +358 50 59 33 006, or drop me a line at <>.

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