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Growth-hack your way into new market territory

Let’s get you more customers faster with smart content, great storytelling and by systematically improving the digital pathways that lead people to your business.

Content Excellence

Content is thé differentiating factor in the attention economy. Be strategic about what you communicate and excel at how you communicate it.

Marketing Automation

Get a clear and proven method with expert guidance to
roll-out a 24/7 lead generation and customer retention machine in three steps.

International Growth

The conventional way to start an international marketing & sales operation is complex, costly and uncertain. But it doesn’t need to be like that.

Some clients served by Cluetail:

Quotes from people I've worked with:

“Jos very quickly understands whatever topic and has the ability to present it in an interesting way. His combined skills of digging into technology and presenting it for laymen in an understandable way is unique. Beside this he is a nice fellow and easy to work with.”

Mici Cronstedt
Marketing Communications Manager, Nokia

“A good team consists of individuals you can 100% trust, colleagues with premium skills and passion to very high quality and constant development. Jos is a perfect match. I had the privilege to hire Jos to Nokia Global Channels team. Jos is a real professional in digital media and journalism. He is sharp and ambitious but also a very warm person with right life values.”

Elina Melgin
CEO, ProCom

Some other brands I’ve worked with:

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