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Going Abroad

The conventional way to start an international marketing & sales operation is complex, costly and uncertain. But it doesn’t need to be like that.

With today’s availability and affordability of digital tools, we now have the opportunity to go abroad at a fraction of the traditional cost, provided that we do it right.

New tools and services make it feasible for businesses to expand into international markets in a more agile and rapid way than ever before, reducing risk, reducing cost, and increasing speed.

Go abroad. Be lean. Use inbound content. See what sticks.

To go international or even global, we can take The Allbound Way as a foundation but, at the same, going abroad is also a special use case.

In order to deploy fast while controlling cost, we should take a lean and agile approach.

The traditional way has been to select a country on a hunch, conduct market research, and send a country manager to the destination for a year or two to create a sales organisation, forge local partnerships, build sales channels, and carry out brand and product marketing campaigns.

Our lean approach, on the other hand, goes something like this:

Select a dozen countries on a hunch. Set up a dozen one-page websites, one for each target market. Create inbound content in ‘World English’ and translate that master content for each local website.

Keep at it with frequent, fresh content for, say, six months and see what sticks. Engage with your audiences to learn what they really need and want. As soon as you gain traffic or earned media attention in any of your target markets, amplify it with additional owned content, influencer outreach, or advertising.

When you get business traction in one or more of your countries, you can start creating content specifically tailored to those markets.

Going abroad means that there are more factors and complexities that may determine success or failure than you could possibly plan for.

So, let The Allbound Way do your market research for you and only build out your sales organisation in those markets where your offering resonates with an audience.

What you get from Cluetail

What you get from Cluetail is the know-how to quickly build and execute your capability to enter a number of foreign markets at the same time and test the waters.

You get excellent content planning, creation and delivery in ‘World English’, as well as outsourced management of translation and localization to relevant web channels.

If you have an international marketing & sales ambition, we should probably have a chat. Call me at +358 50 59 33 006, or drop me a line at <>.

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