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Content Excellence

Be strategic about what you communicate with the market and excel at how you communicate it.

Quality of content is thé differentiating factor in today’s attention economy. Businesses need to be strategic about what they communicate with the market and they need to excel at how they communicate it. As an experienced journalist, corporate comms editor, content marketer, entrepreneur and coach, let me help you:
  • clarify your strategic messaging,
  • coach and support your team in creating remarkable content, and
  • embed your content planning in a wider content marketing methodology to acquire and retain more customers.

A huge opportunity

Content excellence is at the heart of your brand’s storytelling, your public relations, your online marketing & sales, and your social media conversations. It takes a generation to build a brand’s reputation, while it may take only one bad news cycle to destroy it. But… as gloomy as that may sound, content excellence also represents a huge opportunity. The traditional way of doing marketing & sales is broken. People skip TV commercials, block banner ads on the web, refuse to talk with telephone sales reps and have adopted the cognitive skills to ignore most of the thousands of advertizing messages they are exposed to every day. However, at the same time your potential customers are constantly on the lookout for information that is relevant to them and that helps them make all sorts of decisions, including purchase decisions.

According to Content+, 70 percent of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads.

According to the CMO Council, 90 percent of consumers find custom content useful, and 78 percent believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.

According to a Time Inc. survey, 93 percent of people prefer brands to share interesting things via custom content that they may not have otherwise seen, while two in three consumers have greater trust in custom content than traditional advertising.

Relevant, high-quality content…
  • attracts the attention of the right prospects to your business;
  • fosters a level of familiarity and trust, which prospects need to take the leap to becoming customers;
  • secures your prospects’ permission for you to keep informing, educating and entertaining them, thereby facilitating the multiple touch points that are needed before transactions happen;
  • helps establish your brand as the definitive resource for information in your area;
  • enhances the likelihood that customers become promoters and advocates of your brand, sharing your information and their recommendations with others.
Content is a tool to have a conversation with potential customers about their goals, needs and challenges. Without quality content you cannot have that conversation. Without that conversation, you cannot sell.

“Content creates trust; trust creates sales.”
Jaakko Tapaninen, content marketing strategist

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.”
Seth Godin, author and speaker

To achieve excellence in content creation, I source from my own training and professional experience as a journalist for radio, newspapers, magazines and online media. I also provide structured content coaching to help my customer improve their creative output. I strive for excellence in strategic content marketing by applying selected, proven methods and principles, such as Seth Godin’s permission marketing, Brian Halligan’s inbound marketing and Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc. model. For start-ups as well as incumbent players venturing into new market territory, the Audience First framework may be of particular interest. It’s a lean approach suited to businesses that are yet to acquire an audience in their new niche. The opportunity there is to build an audience and let that audience inform the company’s service offering or product development. Rather than relying on theoretical product-market fit before (product) marketing, this approach starts from engaging a real audience, learning what their actual needs and preferences are, and letting that intel inform product and service design. In his book Content Inc., Joe Pulizzi writes about ‘The Odd Struggle with Start-Ups and Content’ and quotes Jay Acunzo, director of platform at NextView Ventures, as saying (slightly edited for readability):

I say [to start-ups], do you think that your product (…) is going to be the best solution to solving whatever problem you’ve identified in the market? 100% of these founders say unequivocally yes. (…) A lot of people have done what they’re doing before, but they’re like no, I don’t care; I’m going to do better.

Yet when they come to the content, they’re like no, I can’t be different. They think about it as a random collection of best practices that just get recycled. So then I say, why is it true for your product but not your content?

What you get from Cluetail

As mentoined above, I am here to help you:
  • clarify your strategic messaging,
  • coach and support your team in creating remarkable content, and
  • embed your content planning in a wider content marketing methodology to acquire and retain more customers.
There are a couple of different ways that we can work together:
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Interim management
  • Specialist services
If you agree that excellence in content is a prerequisite for being the most valued business in your niche or category, we should probably have a chat. Call me at +358 50 59 33 006, or drop me a line at <>.
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