The Landing Page Landing Page: explaining, building, and showing a landing page in action

The other day, as I was helping a customer to (1) plan, (2) build and (3) run her digital marketing & sales machine, she cut me short and asked: “So, Jos, can you send me an example of a landing page, so I can start tweaking it?” That's how I came up with the idea of the Landing Page Landing Page. I'll explain to you the purpose of a landing page, how to create one, and I'll show you my example in action.

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Does your C-suite need to know how to ‘do’ digitalisation?

Wow. I didn’t see that one coming. It was a remark by someone (I don’t wish to put anyone on the spot) in the audience at a business panel in Mikkeli last month *1). They basically said – and I’m paraphrasing from Finnish:

“Well, a company’s leadership doesn’t need to know *how* to carry out digitalisation. That’s for their staff to know.”

As it happened, I had just been ‘spontaneously volunteered’ to the panel and asked to respond to the thesis on this slide:

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Statistics on the efficacy of inbound marketing

Statistics provided not only by HubSpot but other marketing solution providers and research organisations as well, suggest that inbound - if done well - is significantly more cost-effective than outbound, or at least outbound alone. Selected stats from Impact Branding & Design, SmartBug Media, as well as some of my own. Categorized by (1) Inbound versus outbound, (2) Buyer preferences and behavior, (3) The impact of content, and (4) Marketing automation.

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Inbound marketing unpacked

The terms 'inbound marketing' (coined by Brian Halligan) and 'permission marketing' (coined by Seth Godin) refer to various practices that brands can apply to build positive relationships with their intended audiences, particularly on-line. The term 'content marketing' is also very closely related, although it may have a slightly stronger connotation with off-line content, like customer magazines.

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